Christian Behrend Doscher's Interrogatories, Part 1

DECEMBER 12, 2018

Today and for the next few days, I will be posting as a series the "interrogatories" Doscher sent me. He initially sent me nearly 100, and then nearly 100 more after I hired an attorney. In most jurisdictions, you can't send so many, and the limit to the number you can send is strict and low (between 25-35). Doscher's court system, for whatever reason, never set a limit, though I also doubt they had any idea that meant you could send 200 of them to a party -- and the judge declared exactly that in the hearing where discovery was cut off.

In this first set, Doscher sent a lot of "financial worth" discovery questions. As shocking as this may seem, it is actually an allowed thing to do when a plaintiff is seeking punitive damages, but as I point out in added notes, it was actually a violation of the law for him to ask me for that information at that stage -- not to mention it was the sort of thing a real attorney would never have done. [ Go To Top Of This Page ]