Christian Behrend Doscher and That Judge's Stupud Ruling

DECEMBER 4, 2018

During the latter part of the lawsuit in his home state, Doscher began to post about the lawsuit on the blog of Neil Godfrey ("Vridar"), who had posted a news item on it. For reasons unknown to me, Godfrey pulled the item after a few months, but I was able to save copies of all but a couple of the comments made.

I'll highlight three comments of interest to me, made by Doscher.

As it turned out, Doscher's state appeals court did not take the case.

Doscher had a few choice words about the judge's decision in my case and about my attorney.

Doscher and another poster in the comments section had an exchange on the subject of homosexuality. This was one of several comments made by Doscher about the subject. I believe these will be of interest if we ever go to trial in Orlando, the location of the Pulse nightclub shooting, or indeed, anywhere in Florida's Middle District where the news of that tragedy dominated our headlines. [ Go To Top Of This Page ]