Christian Behrend Doscher and the Wrong John sp@rks


On October 13, 2015, Doscher sent a message intended for TheologyWeb owner "sp@rko" (John sp@rks) which appears on the front of this website. However, he actually posts on a blog titled "Kentucky Scribblings" which belongs to another man with the same name. The other sp@rks, ironically, is a former pastor and now atheist who has even written an article for the Secular Web. He reacts to this message by permanently removing his blog (which was about Kentucky history). Doscher will later (October 28) send an email to the TWeb sp@rks claiming to have "pegged" him as owner of that blog, confident that its removal shows that the TWeb sp@rks is acting like a guilty party:


I just wanted you to know that I haven't forgotten about you.


the older WHOIS utilities say a "John sp@rks" owns theologyweb and gives an address in Louisville Kentucky, the same state where lives that John sp@rks who wrote all those books about Kentucky history.


Other whois services say this same John sp@rks also owns domain names like "", which sure is a strange coincidence, and given that domain is not up and running, it appears you bought it just to prevent others from using that domain name for their website refuting tweb.  I hardly think a different John sp@rks, who has nothing to do with theologyweb, might have chosen to buy up such domain name and then leave it sitting doing nothing.  You're pegged, buddy.


For a youtube video about a "sp@rks" man who had lived in Kentucky, a "p*xelator99" commented, saying "That's my grandpa, Bill sp@rks with the curly white hair and red tie." 


And when I sent a notice threatening legal action to the blog address of a Kentucky John sp@rks whose picture is up at, he quickly asserted he didn't know what I was talking about, then took down the blog, when in fact if he were actually unaware of what I was talking about, he would have more than likely simply said he was the wrong John sp@rks.  That blog had been up since at least 2012.  Something scared that guy shitless.  A mature adult, honestly not knowing what I was talking about, would have known they've been misidentified, and would have simply informed me of that without closing up shop and circling the wagons.  this quick "closing up shop" stuff is the same type of reaction that the John sp@rks of theologyweb gave after he found out I was going to sue him.  Suddenly, the main WHOIS engines started saying his email address was protected by a third-party company.


And the p*xelator99 of youtube placed a "tweb" video in his playlist.  Like I said, PEGGED.


If your incompetent friend Holding screwed up trying to fight me in court, got any reason to think you'll do better?  Your advice didn't help him at all, and the first thing his attorney did after coming aboard was strike all 3 versions of the motion to dismiss. I sure hope you were just kidding when you said on tweb that you actually work in a law office...unless of course you meant as a janitor.


If you start coming clean, I'll offer you a very modest settlement.  Otherwise, rest assured that your failure to work with me before I sue you, shall be the reason I go after everybody else at tweb whom I have legal grounds to sue.  If you want to protect them, you better start coming clean, and soon.



Out of curiosity, I later do a search to determine how many people named "John sp@rks" live in Kentucky. I get a listing of dozens of them.


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