Christian Behrend Doscher: Adversary Proceeding

MARCH 20, 2019

An adervsary proceeding is a sort of mini-lawsuit within a bankruptcy filing which is used to get certain debts forgiven. Today we have a copy of the one Doscher filed (see here) during his September 2015 bankruptcy, which took place shortly after he sued me in his home state.

Bonus:In December 2015, using the email address gained from the discovery I turned over, Doscher sends an email to one of the other proposed co-defendants at that time, Amy Garner (aka "Christianbookworm" on TheologyWeb), saying he will soon file suit against her. The email:




My name is Christian Doscher.  I'm the "B&H" who had started that theologyweb thread some months ago about "Does your God approve of pedophilia" before I got banned from there.


I am the person who was mocked and defamed also in that other tweb thread "The secret identity of Skepticbud" as well as in his website article "Internet Predator Alert".


I have sued Mr. Holding in civil court for libel (the written form of defamation).


His prior boasting about how he can get this suit dismissed real easy, is bullshit, he has hired a lawyer, and for whatever, reason, the lawyer has decided that answering my discovery requests (which sought personal contact information on you and other tweb members) was better than simply getting the case dismissed as quickly as possible.


I just received a big packet of evidence from Mr. Holding, and that's how I learned your email address, as well as similar contact information and real life names of many other tweb members.  If you believe Holding is very obstinate and protective when it comes to his Christian friends, then you have no other option but to believe that Holding did not willingly hand over that evidence, it was forced out of him by a lawyer who knew the law better, and who likely told him resistance to discovery would get his ass in real trouble.  Today is the day you stopped being impressed by Holding's boastful lies.  If it was so damn easy to get this case dismissed, then why didn't he do that real quick so that he wouldn't have to be the one to unmask his anonymous friends at tweb? 


You might wish to email Holding and ask why he foolishly delayed getting this case dismissed, if in fact it was as simple to get dismissed as he had boasted months ago at Tweb.   It can only be that a real lawyer, and not Holding, recognize my lawsuit is far more serious than Holding boasted about months ago.


My lawsuit puts front and center Holding's "internet predator alert" on me.  You'll be disappointed to know that Holding took down that Alert after hiring a lawyer.  WHY WOULD HOLDING TAKE THAT ALERT DOWN, IF HE SERIOUSLY BELIEVED HIS ALLEGATIONS THEREIN WERE ALL TRUE OR OTHERWISE IN GOOD FAITH?


It can only be that Holding does NOT seriously believe his Internet Predator Alert contained only truth.  His lawyer likely told him that the Alert was actionable in court, thus taking it down was the only way to prepare to convince the jury that he was sorry for what he did.   Obstinate pricks like Holding do not reform their ways unless cracked across the head with a 2x4, legally speaking of course.


You have two days to email me back with an apology and a settlement offer of your choice, or I will supply the name amygarner85 to both Facebook and Yahoo! in a subpoena and request any information that leads to your personal contact information, and I will eventually find out where you live for the purpose of having a process server deliver documents to you in the up-coming lawsuit Doscher v. Garner. 


Don't waste your time fantasizing about how I cannot sue you in my state, I may decide to file the lawsuit in YOUR home state.


You have the option to cease playing hardball whenever you decide that genuine repentance and a mature attitude to these serious matters is more important to your spiritual growth than the dismissive stupid childish mockery you reveled in months ago.


Do I have your attention now?  Or will you make me go away by shutting your eyes? 


Now think of exactly how stupid you are forwarding this email to Holding and Sparko, when the facts show that their legal advice isn't worth a shit and only gets Holding in so much trouble, he has to go hire a lawyer just to clean up his mess.  You are much better off seeking advice from a real attorney, not a mouthy impostor.


Don't like these threats of lawsuit?  You should have thought of that before you so belligerently libeled me.  You ain't laughing now, you stupid bitch.

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